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a mini that lasts.

mini blooming assortment & decos available 

Our favorites


Our decos are made specifically for our minis to last in stores or at home. We have picked each style to look clean, modern and be able to hold the water needed to ensure they are self watering. 

Day 4.JPG

cyclamen perfected

These mini cyclamen can now withstand drafty shelves for days without wilting! 

Once the water is gone just refill and it will last longer.

About us

Wicked Minis strive to grow high quality plants matched with wicked self-watering deco that retailers and customers alike will be able to keep longer lasting in stores or at home.

Mini Men in Calandiva.JPG

Check out the learn more to see real trials of our Wicked Minis lasting longer in our self watering system than a regular growers pot.