A story of how minis became longer lasting 


how wicked minis began

The idea of Wicked Minis began in 2016 when we shipped out a perfect crop of mini cyclamen. However, when I stopped by the store the following day I noticed all the cyclamen began wilting and the flowers drooping. A solution had to be found before another mini could be sent.


After a few years of trialing, testing and finally success, in 2018 Wicked Minis was started.  My father and I have always had a passion for growing quality products and in that we found the ideal solution to holding and shipping water as well as pairing the minis with a wicked deco to ensure it would last for retailers and customers alike. 


We understand shelf life of minis has always been an issue for retailers with drying out too quickly and we also understand people get busy and don't always remember to water their plants, so we came up with the optimal solution. From the self watering wick, shipping, and specially made deco, we have figured out how to make mini plants not only stylish but also last!

Whitney Voelker

quality tested

Check out our trials below in a grower pot versus our self watering Wicked Mini. By Day 6 you can see the difference!

3 cups


3 cups


1 cup



Extra water for extended shelf life

Colorful Assortment Options

Specially made deco for self watering

how it works

Secure packaging and transport

Our new packaging includes plastic trays and wax boxes to ensure water locked shipping.